Training Cheques

Students can use training cheques to pay for part of the enrolment fee and part of the course material. The training cheques must be applied for within 2 months after the start of the course.

Important changes as of 1/3/2015!

The use of Training Cheques by graduates of higher education will be limited as of 1/3/2015. Anyone holding a degree in
higher education can only apply for training cheques as part of career guidance plan or for a job-specific training.
This applies to people who successfully graduated from higher education, on a Bachelor or other level, including teacher
training, pedagogical certificates and adult or vocational education.

At the same time the area of application will be expanded. This means people living in but working outside Flanders can
now also apply. The same goes for European citizens who work but do not live in Flanders or the Brussels Region.

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