Brussels Education Center is concerned about the safety of its students and staff. We take all measures possible in order to ensure a safe learning environment. The center has appointed  two health and safety officers and a company doctor ensures an annual checks of all campuses.


An AED is available with VUB security, within walking distance of the admin office. This is an automated external defibrillator which can be used in the early stages of heart failure. A number of staff have been trained on how to use the defibrillator as part of a first aid course and can be called upon in case of an emergency. The appliance is fully automated, and can therefore be used by anyone in principle by following the spoken instructions.

In the event of heart failure one should contact the admin office as soon as possible on 02/629.39.08.


In the course of each academic year unannounced evacuation exercises are organized in attendance of the person in charge of safety. The exercise last for approximately 15 minutes and serves to make staff and students familiar with the alarm and evacuation routes.

Below all evacuation procedures are listed per campus:

Campus Vrije Universiteit Brussel  (Bd. de la Plaine 2 – 1050 Brussels)

Campus 9 (Bd. de la Plaine 9 – 1050 Brussels)

Campus 11 (Bd. de la Plaine 11 – 1050 Brussels)

Campus Delta (Bd. du Triomphe 174 – 1160 Brussels)

KA E.Hiel (Av. Charles Gilisquet 34 – 1030 Brussels)

House of Dutch Brussels (Rue Philippe de Champagne 23 – 1000 Brussels)