Candidates are exempt (fully/partially) from the enrolment fee (not the costs of the course material) when they belong to the following categories:

Full exemption:

  • Those who receive supplementary benefit or any income from social services (OCMW/CPAS attestation), or those in the care of the aforementioned category.
  • Those who have signed an integration contract or who have obtained a certificate of integration after enrolment on a Dutch course, level 1 or 2.
  • For Brussels residents (19 municipalities) who can present a valid document (e.g. E-id, residence permit) the Dutch classes Levels 1 & 2 are free of charge (excl. books).
  • Asylum seekers benefiting from financial aid (attestation from Fedasil / Red Cross / Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen).
  • Persons on wait benefit or unemployment benefit, for a course done as part of a programme towards employment recognized by the VDAB/ACTIRIS (attestation fromVDAB/ACTIRIS).
  • Non-working, registered jobseekers not yet entitled to a wait benefit at the time of their enrolment (attestation from VDAB/ACTIRIS)

Partial exemption:

The enrolment fee then amounts to 0,30 euro per hour, i.e.: 60 hours = € 18, 80 hours = € 24, 120 hours = € 36.

  • Those on wait benefit or unemployment benefit, for courses other than those mentioned above, or those in the care of the aforementioned category.  (NEO )
  • Disabled persons who can present (or are in the care of a person who can present) one of the following attestations:
    – industrial disability of at least 66% (attestation from FOD Social Security / Mutuality / RIZIV)
    – entitlement to an integration allowance
    – registration at the Flemish Office for Persons with a Disability.
  • Those who, for two consecutive years and prior to the year of enrolment at a C.V.O., have attended a course consisting of at least 120 hours in a Centre for Basic Education.

The attestations/certificates required for exemption must reflect the situation at the moment of enrolment. They must be presented to the CVO within two weeks following the enrolment.
No attestations/ certificates will be accepted beyond this date.

Persons registered with the VDAB can print their certificates on the website of the VDAB. (=>my career)