Online appointments

School year 2016-2017

We are sorry to inform you we are no longer enrolling for courses running this semester.
Information on how to enrol for courses starting September 2017 will be available as of May 2th, 2017.
Enrolment will take place in May, June, August and September 2017.

The C.V.O.- B.E.C - team.

Did you know?

- Enrolment is closed as soon as classes are full.
- Beginners in Dutch are required to take an aptitude test before they can start module 1.1
- After taking the test(s) you can enrol immediately in the available classes.
- You are kindly requested to pay the enrolment fee at once. If not, you will need to make a new appointment by which time classes may already be full.
- If you already have a certificate or diploma you still need to make an appointment on our website and you will be invited to enrol at the office the day of your appointment.
- After making an appointment you will automatically receive confirmation by email which will state the time and place chosen by you.
(* please check your Spam folder to look for the confirmation if you don’t find it in your inbox)